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Final Fantasy XI Updates NotesBy Mary Garcia (Vil), Onrpg Journalist A Shantotto Ascension-- The Legend Torn, Her Empire MMO Winter Events 2012 Master List | Onrpg MMO Winter Events 2012 Master List By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), Onrpg Elder Scribe If you're looking for events to take part in this year we Core Blaze | Onrpg Inspired by Eastern mythology, Core Blaze offers a structured fantasy world unique in its main and branch leveling design. Its free customization alters the PC Game Update - 6/12 - Construction Reconstructed - We’ve added new ways for bases to protect themselves from an incoming onslaught, and these methods all require players to take an active role in the base’s defense.

PlanetSide 2 - Roxxlyy .... Dev Note: The addition of this defense slot opens a new route for support capabilities when ..... Vehicles Lightning, Vanguard, Prowler

22 Jan 2013 ... So I've been playing this game called Planetside 2. ... Knowing that when you spent 1/2 an hour defending that tech plant didn't go .... Everything else, you have just one weapon, and for any “slots” you have nothing. ...... the Reaver, Vanguard and Jackhammer I spent my Alpha Squad SC points on feel like ... 56 Best Gaming || Planetside 2 images | Planetside 2, Free to play ... Planetside 2 is a online multiplayer game which is free to play. ... Planetside логотипом игры wallpapers and images wallpapers Planetside 2, Simple ...... also it is possible to point the weapons upward or forward on back pack slots. ... artillery support vehicle, the vanguard was deigned to be faster and lighter scout craft for ...

27 Apr 2014 .. You have to do all of that to be successful in a Magrider while Prowlers .. I have every defense slot certed but Proximity Radar, which is at the ..The Flanker Armor is a defense module available for the Lightning, and all faction Main Battle Tanks: Magrider, Prowler, planetside 2 prowler defense slot and Vanguard.

PlanetSide 2 is no exception, and does so with the Certification System. Certifications allow access to new equipment and abilities for your character that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

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Planetside for PC FAQ, Walkthrough, Cheat Codes, Tips, Hints, Cheatbook Combining Mass Effect and XCOM (Work in progress) - Pastebin Because of this, transitioning from shield damage to armor damage can be difficult if high target DR nullifies the remaining damage after the shields have been destroyed. ) - Aim affects weapon accuracy - Steadying your weapon increases aim … Shotguns Are Just Better - TV Tropes The Shotguns Are Just Better trope as used in popular culture. In Video Games, and indeed in fiction as well, no matter how many super-powerful weapons the … Video Games / Lightning Bruiser - TV Tropes A page for describing LightningBruiser: Video Games. The Black Beast in Arx Fatalis, the monster from the bowels of the planet, has completely impenetrable …

The Vanguard is the main battle tank of the New Conglomerate.It has the heaviest armor comparing to Magrider and Prowler.It has the best weapon capability, and a special shield (see: Vanguard Shield) that can be unlocked through certs, giving a damage resist shield.

Vanguard Certification Guide - Planetside 2 | Loadout Optional When it comes to the utility slot there is only one option and that is the vanguard shield. All players should get at least level 3 (800 certs) as this shield absorbs a large amount of incoming damage for 7 seconds and can be reused in 50 seconds. PlanetSide 2 Glossary | Iridar's Gaming Blog NAR – Nanite Auto Repair System – a defense slot, that repairs vehicles and MAXes out of combat. MBT – Main Battle Tank – empire-specific two-seat tank: Prowler, Vanguard and Magrider. Gal drop – using a Galaxy (transport aircraft) to deploy infantry wherever needed. PlanetSide 2 Cert Recommendations for Beginners | GuideScroll PlanetSide 2 Cert Recommendations for Beginners by RobotNinja It can be a daunting task for beginners to Planetside 2 when deciding what to spend their first certs on. Here is a list of recommendations that you can’t go wrong with that are cheap and effective. Planetside 2 - My Anti Air Vanguard - video dailymotion